Monday, March 15, 2010

Our weekend

Sammie was is the annual Talent Show at Skyblue. She sang "The Best Day", by Taylor Swift. She did great, fabulous, terrific and makes me cry every time she preforms!! I am always so proud of her!! Here's a clip of the end...

Michael gave Sam some pink tulips after the show.As soon as the talent show was over we ran to Sam's softball game, in the meantime Robert was already there playing his game.Sammie is on the American Wolverines, in the pic she's on second. She really enjoys the girls on her team, that makes it really fun!Robert is on the National Dodgers this year. Having a great season so far!Michael had his game on Sunday, he's on the American Nationals this season. He is growing into such a great player and he is enjoying himself.

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