Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in full swing!

This weekend Fall Baseball, Softball & Club Ball began. Our first game was Michael's he's on the Dodgers this season. Michael's big moment was when he was playing third base and a line drive came right at him and he caught it! Great job Mikey!!!Samantha is playing her first season ever of softball. She is on the Titans this season. She had a great game and Ed and I were so proud of her!!! You go girl, Peace!! FYI, Peace is Sam's nickname for her jersey - cute, my flower child.Robert had a great game today. He is still playing with his travel team, The Fury. Here's a clip of him pitching, let me brag, he is really good!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just another day

Michael loves to help with cooking, so yesterday after he finished his homework, I asked him if he would peel the potatoes for dinner. This is his work station planted right in front of the TV, what a crack-up! I love his helpful sweet self and the fact that he thoroughly enjoys himself!Since I had my camera out I needed to take a picture of what Robert spends most of his time doing.......Homework! Lots & Lots of Homework!! Robert is a great student and we are very proud of how diligent he works!Up the stairs I went looking for Sam, to my surprise the phone was not attached to her ear! Instead she was contemplating cleaning her room - NOT! Sam is also a very great student and incredibly creative. I've heard that creative minds sometimes like messy rooms because they are so busy organizing the thoughts of the next great story!! Sam, please dedicate your first book to your mom and dad!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009