Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Vacation Part 1

We are currently 13 days into our 5 week vacation and having a great time. Yes, it is alot of driving
but the kids have been doing great!
Our first stop was in Cedar City, UT, all I could say is that it was gorgeous and I would definitely go back! Our next stop was Salt Lake City, UT. While we were there we took a tour of the State Capitol which was absolutely beautiful - a must see if you ever head that way. We also walked around the Temple Square and ate lunch and Bringham Young's old home, by the way Mormons don't drink coffee, that it just crazy for someone with my addiction to coffee - I settled for a nice cup of ice water. The grounds were beautiful the temple is off limits to only the chosen people. I thought that was amazing that a "church" could be off limits - obviously they have something to hide. It was really amazing as we drove though the entire state of Utah, every couple blocks there was a church, I don't think I've ever seen so many churches in my life. In Rawlins, WY we had so much fun and I found something I love - Deep Fried Pickles!! We took a tour of the Frontier Penitentiary est. in 1888 - so interesting! They had a gas chamber and a Gallo for hangings - yikes!
We also went to the Carbon County Museum, it was a journey back in time - another must see!!

On to Mt. Rushmore, I don't think we missed much here's a list of where we went - Sturgis,
Wall Drug,
The Badlands,
Crazy Horse Memorial,
The Mammoth Site,
Mt. Rushmore! Amazing, Amazing is all I can say!
Seeing wild Buffalo up close!!
Today we are in Billing, MT. We toured Little Bighorn Memorial and it was - WOW!! It made me sad to see what greed does, how many senseless deaths because the white man wanted more. This trip has been such a great history lesson for the whole family. We are all enjoying every moment. I will try to post more often. I hope you enjoy the pictures!