Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Again, it's been a long time! Just thought I'd post a quick update to let you know what we've been up too since my last post.

In April, Michael turned 9 years old, it's so amazing to Ed and I at how fast the kids are growing up!! We went to Disneyland to celebrate Michael and had a great day. Michael is such a wonderful, determined boy and he really makes life in the Winslow house exciting!! We love you very much Mikey!!

Samantha was in the choir at church this last year and they had their final concert in May. She had so much fun and made so many great friends!! Sammie is gifted with a beautiful voice and we love watching and hearing her sing.

Sammie also finished up her softball season, which is a good thing! It was fun, but it's really neat when I see the kids decide on what there interest is and is not. I was so proud of her during the season when she knew this wasn't her thing but she gave her best effort during the whole season! Good-bye Softball!

Robert had a first, the first you don't want to have - a broken wrist! Of course, it's the height of baseball season and Rob has a broken wrist - bummer. The good thing is the day before he broke his wrist he tried out for a tournament team and did outstanding. What's cool is they had the draft and the coaches knew he broke his wrist and he was still drafted - Yeah! He gets his cast off this week then has three weeks before he can start playing. He's so anxious to get back in the game but Ed and I keep telling him to lay low so your not out for longer. We'll see how is goes!

Here's a pic from mother's day. I have been so blessed to have the most wonderful Mom and Grandma!

That's all the highlights in a nutshell. Ed and I are still both working and it's exhausting! I am really enjoying having a three day weekend, I really appreciate the time off, as does my house! This weekend I am also feeling very patriotic and am very thankful for our soldiers who are serving and fighting and those who have given their lives for my freedom. God bless America and our military!