Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Time goes by so fast!

This morning I took Robert to a 6th Grade Introduction to Junior High at his new school. I am amazed at how life is going by so fast! My baby, my first born, is growing up! Robert graduates on June 5th from 6th grade, not so long ago I was walking him into kindergarten. Today, I had mixed feelings as I watched him at his new Jr. High Assembly, one of excitement, one of emptiness, if that's the right word. I'm so excited for Robert to be starting this new stage in life. It makes me excited when I see him get excited! On the other hand, as I drove Robert back to his elementary school, I got a pit in my stomach as we approached. The thought that things will never be the same, they are going to change because he's growing up. Tonight, my thought is to savor the time I have with my children because time goes by fast when I'm not paying attention to it!! I remember, my parents telling me when my kids were babies, to enjoy this time, it will go by very fast. Like always they were right, it is going by too fast!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Special Day with Robert!

Yesterday, I took Robert to Disneyland. Robert was sick when we took Michael for his birthday, so it was his turn to go!! We had a lot of fun, eating, going on rides, eating, rides, eating, rides, eating - get it, he's a growing boy. When you look at the pictures notice how tall Robert is getting, he's an inch away from my height. It was a great day together!! Robert is a really cool kid and I'm so glad he's ours!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rattler #2

Two rattle snakes in one week is more than enough for me to handle. The bad news is this one got away!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's officially Snake Season at the Winslow's

Yes in deed, we had our first rattle snake for the year yesterday. I really hate snakes, they send my heart racing!! Ed was still out of town with the boys, so I went looking for a neighbor to save the day. I found a friendly neighbor and asked him to come kill it for me. Yes, I am a chicken!! This snake was not huge like the last one, this one was a baby - the deadliest kind! I took a picture once it had no head and after I did the grossed out dance. So, my thought today is to always go out of your way to show kindness to your neighbors!! I so appreciate Jim helping me out!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Girls just want to have fun!

The boys were having a special weekend with Ed at a fisherman's conference up at Hume Lake. So, on Friday I took Sammie out of school to go to Disneyland. Sam and I had an absolute blast!! Roller coasters, ice cream, shopping who could ask for a better day!! Sammie and I bought matching earrings - Tinkerbell with our birthstone (topaz) in it. Sam is so fun she loves all the fast roller coasters, so we laughed and giggled the whole day!!